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Piazza Fontana is a family run classic restaurant that focuses on serving only the freshest and most authentic Italian cuisine. Situated just a few seconds walk down the alley way and next to Pizza Express in Castle Street, Cirencester.


Today, why not take a break from your shopping and relax over lunch at Piazza Fontana. Our chef's uses food not just to excite the senses but to tell a story.


Our lunch offer includes

Free Wine or Soft Drinks

Terms and Conditions

One Drink Per Person

any of the following:

125 ml Glass of  House

Red, White or Rose wine

Coke, Lemonade,

Diet Coke or Tango

Orange Juice, Apple

Juice, Pineapple Juice

or Cranberry Juice.


We look forward to seeing you soon.

Think Italian, Think Piazza Fontana.

Piazza fontana
Piazza fontana
Dinner Table
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