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Piazza Fontana is a family run classic restaurant that focuses on serving only the freshest and most authentic Italian cuisine. Situated just a few seconds walk down the alley way and next to Pizza Express in Castle Street, Cirencester.


Piazza Fontana emerged from one man’s simple plan to serve fantastic food with great service whilst maintaining the traditions that will make anyone feel right at home.


We’ve always endeavoured to provide the best food, service and atmosphere of any Cirencester eatery. 


Today, we maintain that simple idea. Whether it’s an evening meal with an old friend, or a business lunch with a deal on the line, we’re ready to serve you the perfect dish to sweeten your memories. 


We look forward to seeing you soon.

Think Italian, Think Piazza Fontana.

Piazza fontana
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Piazza Fontana
Piazza fontana
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